Henlo, me is Roy

What ties us is the love for our doggos

We started PawzNRead to narrate stories of the human-dog bond – a bond that goes beyond a lifetime, beyond borders, beyond cultures and beyond languages. Across the world, what ties us is the love for our doggos. That’s why despite not speaking the same language, I managed to chat with Roy’s human, our friends from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I'm Buddy...will you tell me what's forever home

Wonder what’s forever home

Buddy is around nine months old. If you live in the Delhi NCR area and wish to say hello to him, or better still help him understand what’s forever home, Buddy can be found around Block – C, Sushant Lok 1 in Gurugram, India.

My name is Odin

Happy is his second nature

Meet Odin – A December born who will turn one next month and lives in Sharjah, UAE with his humans.

Meet Lucky from France

The happy-go-Lucky one

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life – Omar Khayyam These days while walking Mr. Popo, we end up reminiscing about our vacations and the sheer thrill of seeing a new country, a new city, a new village. How enriching it is to meet new people – often we didn’t even speak […]

Yeah, it was our bark day

Let’s make goodness infectious

Our today’s story about Bella, Jackson and their humans is about faith in goodness, having a sense of purpose and being responsible not only towards the fur-kids but also the community.

I'm loving the weather

Of cucumbers and hairdryers

You heard it right – today’s story is of cucumbers and hairdryers and their significance in Mezu’s life. He loves to eat clean and cucumbers are his favourite snack. He also likes apple, lettuce, carrot (I wish I was like him – but no, I’m finishing the second chocolate bar in a row). Mezu’s hoomans […]

I am on a walk now

My hoomans call me 4K

You got it right; I do like my walkies over most other things – well I like snoozing as much. But that’s no reason to call me ‘4K’ – my hoomans call me 4K, beat that? Not only do they call me 4K but have a fridge magnet with the same message on it, except […]

Zoe, the beautiful soul

All she knew was to spread love

Yes, all she knew was to spread love. Unconditional love, one that is immeasurable and one that makes the heart ache for more. She was the fur-kid of the Malliers and they called her Zoe. Back in 2013, we met a couple – Cindy and Shanon – who are our dearest friends today. Cindy and […]

Leo is living it up

Ones who teach us to live the moment

The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment – Robert Falcon Scott Our doggos are the ones who teach us to live the moment, seize every moment and make them memorable for a lifetime. Our today’s guest is one such who likes to cuddle up with humans and party with them too. […]

Choco, the mama's boy

He is a mama’s boy

He is a mama’s boy, and his name is Choco. The boy found his forever home on Christmas Day, two years ago. He is the loved boy of my dear friends Anwesha and Tias. Over the years, Anwesha and I have had many conversations on food, politics, work but this time was different. It was […]


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