We can’t clean up but hoomans can

Sniffing is our birthright

Recently I met my friend Oreo on our evening walk, and he raised a valid point in view of the parvo cases in the UAE – we can’t clean up but hoomans can.

Well, I have been sniffing more poop than before for sure, but Oreo got me thinking. Indeed, why aren’t some hoomans cleaning up after their doggos?

Are they worried about aliens landing up in the neighbourhood and seeing hoomans picking up dog poop? Are they worried about what aliens would think?

Are the hoomans thinking that if they cleaned up after their doggos, aliens would find our neighbourhood clean and conscious and be encouraged to become our neighbours?

Wonder if that’s why hoomans aren’t cleaning up after their doggos? Are they afraid of aliens taking over our neighbourhood?

With this kind of imagination, one day I will end up writing a seven series Doggo Potter! #JustSaying

On a serious note, Oreo and I discussed that the arrival of aliens is not as probable as us doggos getting sick by sniffing poop. As doggos, we sniff everything from flowers to poop with equal curiosity. Sometimes the poop we sniff may be infected, and it can cause parvo and other nasty diseases. We have been hearing of many doggos getting infected and even worse dying. Adding to the agony, our hoomans are stressed all the time when we are out on our walks. They aren’t even letting us sniff properly. I mean do we deserve this. Doggos will sniff; it is our nature.

The point is simple: Dear hoomans (who do not clean up), please note that it is really unhealthy to leave poop lying around on pavements, sandpits and in the parks. Please clean up after your doggos so we can sniff at ease and the community can be clean. By the way, please understand that by doing this, you will reduce your stress and vet bills too.

Knowing that hoomans are super-busy, Oreo and I have put together some tips to help them:

  • Buy a pack of biodegradable waste bags and use them to clean up after your doggos. Several options are available – such as Trixie/120 pieces for AED22, Darkos/120 pieces for AED30 and Beco/120 pieces for AED36, among others.
  • If you are among those who flinch at the sight of poop, its fine – we won’t judge you. We suggest you buy a scoop for as low as AED10 (Trixie) to pick up the poop and dispose it properly.
  • If you happen to forget to carry the poop bags, politely ask a fellow hooman with a doggo or the nearest local store to lend you a bag.

Mr. Popo is the Paw-in-Chief of PawzNRead. He contributes o‘paw’nion pieces for the blog.

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