A partner of 17 years…

Kalu, a partner of 17 years

He walked into our hearts and home in a small bag

Who knew he would become a partner of 17 years?

He was a fluffball – demure and soft

All black, except three patches of white.

He was a sibling I never had.

Many evenings we spent staring at the stars.

Many afternoons we sneaked out to feast on ice lollies.

Many mornings I gave him my share of milk and he drank without complaining.

Many days we sat together enjoying puffed rice and corn cobs.

But how we detested fish!                                                                                                                

He was my partner of 17 years.

But how does one bid goodbye to a partner of 17 years?

How does one clean the fur off the furniture and floor for the last time?

How does one bear to look at the lonely squeakies and blankies?

How does one bear to just go on living when a partner of 17 years goes?

I still feel baffled. But also grateful for those 17 years.

The most beautiful 17 years spent with my dear canine partner Kalu.

One day, we shall meet on the other side.

Again, we shall feast on ice lollies and corn cobs.

Again, we will stare at the stars.

Again, we will smile about dodging the fish.

But most of all, we will just cuddle together like old times.

They made a great team

Kalu was Priyanka’s beloved canine partner. He was incredibly gentle, yet fiercely protective. And they made a great team. Now Kalu is the favourite bedtime story for Priyanka’s boys. 

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