How to deal with a toddler?

Yes, yes I woof you too
Yes, yes I woof you too

Just when I had started to think that the o‘pawnion’ pieces are discontinued, I got notified that I have exactly two hours to share my expert o‘pawnion’ on how to deal with a toddler?

What, say that again? How to deal with a toddler? Why should I have to bother with that? Even if I have dealt with frisky toddlers, high-energy and talkative ones and even one who had proposed to me with a flower (t’was quite sweet).

I was told my piece might help other doggos to understand the responsibilities of an elder sibling to a hooman toddler. Basically, my hooman threw me at the deep end of the pool, and I do not even like water. I get a strange feeling that perhaps she did not have a story for today. What to do – there is always a curveball for a Paw-in-Chief, I guess!

Enough rant – now let me get cracking. So, how to deal with a toddler?

Yes, yes the egg smells great (its plastic!!!)

My answer is – do not react. I have done this ever since my hooman sibling was tiny. She does all kinds of things – from singing lullabies, reciting rhymes (which I silently enjoy) to feeding me hideous plastic eggs – but I do not react. That is the secret weapon to stay sane around a toddler. Hoomans call me a ‘zen dog’, by the way.

Yes, yes the phone is cool but no video calls, plzzz

Now I like to live a gadget-free life. You will never see me on video calls, hence. But this sibling of mine is thrilled about acquiring a fake smartphone and one day, insisted that we should call gramps together. And, boy, she was relentless. I had no choice but to fake sleep. Eventually, she too lay down next to me on the sofa. That is how we keep the peace.

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Another thing is toddlers tend to be as frisky as my friend Bella, the Frenchie. And some doggos are not appreciative of frisky toddlers. So, over time, I have taught my sibling to be calm around and gentle with doggos – never pull ears or tail or poke fingers into eyes. It is only when animals feel threatened that accidents happen. As a family, we have taught our toddler to be gentle and never behave roughly with an animal. I feel so proud that she is growing up to be such a gentle kid, never mind the friskiness and non-stop jabbering.

Taking some downtime in between dealing with a toddler

I think I have done a fair job of sharing my real-life experiences on how to deal with a toddler. Given that, I had only two hours to put this piece together. Before wrapping up, summarising three tips for fellow doggos:

  • Be nice and share your food – toddlers are only curious about what is in the bowl; they will not eat your food. The reverse, however, happens sometimes; my friends Bella and Zorro are living proof.
  • When you are tired of all that energy, fake sleep. I bet my turkey meal that the toddler will do the same, except that s/he will really fall asleep.  
  • Finally, elder siblings like us have a huge responsibility of teaching toddlers to be gentle. Do that. Nobody wants an embarrassing pack member, do we?

Mr. Popo is the Paw-in-Chief of PawzNRead. He contributes o‘paw’nion pieces for the blog.

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