What does your dog teach you?

I'm Luke (short form of Lokeshwar)
I’m Luke (short form of Lokeshwar)

What does your dog teach you?

Mine has successfully taught me to not only scoop but also do poop analysis, among other things.

But today’s story is not mine. It is about Lokeshwar aka Luke (what a grand name!) and his humans – Tilottama (I like to call her T) and Sharmistha.

#throwback – when I was only 9 weeks old

I have come across two kinds of people: the ones who have always had a dog – the best kind. And the ones who have always wanted to have a dog but could not for various reasons – I fell in this category for a long time. Ever since I understood what a dog is, I always wanted to be around them but could not call one my own until Popo came into my life. So, when T told me “given a choice between a dog and a sibling, I would always choose a dog, but could not have one until now,” I could relate.

Now try to imagine this – you have really, desperately wanted something and could not have it for years. Then, suddenly, one day you have it – just like that. How would you react?

Sunshine on my paws…sand on my nose

Right in the middle of a workday, T stumbled upon a Facebook post that mentioned three pups needed immediate foster/forever homes. A decision was made within 40 minutes that at least one pup would come home. The pups were on a farm in Ajman, their mother was rescued when she was pregnant. Sharmistha went to meet them and was greeted by a largely black pup who ran up to her and refused to leave her side. “The decision was made, Luke chose us.” But it took T five days to come to terms that now they really have a dog.

Luke, however, was comfortable from the moment he came through the doors of his forever home. Nine weeks at that time, he was thrilled to find his forever humans. Five months old now, Luke is an incredibly happy and social lad but quite opinionated too. If his humans scold him, Luke whines and scolds them back.

My KRA - teaching hoomans new things everyday
My KRA – teaching hoomans new things everyday

Now the million-dollar questions – what does your dog teach you and how has he changed your life?

“Well, Luke is also teaching me to become a poop analysis expert – story of our lives, right!!!”

“For the first time, I fully realise how it feels to be responsible for a living being. One day I worry if his coat is less shiny. Another day I worry if he is drinking enough water. Soon after Luke came to us, even before his second round of vaccination, he had to be admitted to the hospital due to low RBC count. That was quite a shocker, although he is perfectly healthy now. Our days, especially weekends, revolve around Luke. We even set up frequent play dates with his siblings. On days when I work from the office, I am constantly checking on Luke. And I must admit, having mom at home to take care of him is a huge help. Since Luke came to us, I have also started seeking stability.”

That’s the thing, a dog touches our lives in ways that we cannot even imagine before having one. Over to you now – do have a dog and want to share your story? We are only a message away.

Our first Chirstmas together

Luke lives in Dubai with his humans Tilottama, who has recently joined the workforce, and Sharmistha who is now enjoying retirement from active professional life. These were big reasons why they decided to adopt Luke, giving him the required time, engagement and comfort of a forever home.

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