The art of smiling at random strangers

Did you say we are going to the cafe?
Did you say we are going to the cafe?

Ever tried the art of smiling at random strangers? Studies prove that smiling meaningfully makes people happier. All of 8 months, our today’s guest Bella smiles in her own way to make people happy. She is an ace at brightening someone’s day by standing on her two back legs and greeting them with all her heart.

My hoomans’ fav furball

Bella is Georgia and Sebastian’s first fur-kid. In one word, Georgia describes Bella as “loveable.” But it is nearly impossible to describe our beloved doggos in one word. So, Georgia adds that Bella is quite a foodie and very energetic. Often, she tires herself out after playing and can be found sleeping on top of her humans’ pillows. The girl has found her sweet spot.

Photo time, say pawz

She loves to sleep in till late in the morning, waking up leisurely to go for her walks. On the way, she stops to greet every doggo and their humans. That Bella loves humans became quite clear; even without seeing me, she was responding to my voice as her momma and I were chatting. Tilting her head every now and then, she was very much part of our conversation that was all about her.

Unsurprisingly, Bella loves to socialise, often seen accompanying her humans for outings at cafés and outdoor spaces. Recently, she had a wonderful day out at the Love Lake in Dubai.

We all get photo bombed sometimes

The girl has a goofy-type glamourous side too. Her momma says that Bella loves make-up. Once left unsupervised, Bella found her momma’s makeup kit, liberally used a few things and managed to look like a diva 😉

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“Bella has brought a lot of joy in our life,” says Georgia. “She has made us responsible in many ways. Nowadays, we plan our outings in a manner that Bella does not have to stay alone for too long. She has turned us into crazy dog hoomans, who are forever spoiling her with treats and gifts. We were supposed to spend Christmas in the UK, but as luck would have it, we spent it right here with Bella. And she was beyond excited and at some point, almost began anticipating a gift an hour.”

My hoomans and me…
I know we are all gorgeous

Bella has been with Georgia and Sebastian for four months and here’s wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling the emptiness we didn’t even know we had” – Thom Jones

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