New year resolutions anyone

New year resolutions are a serious business
New year resolutions are a serious business

Last year my hooman promptly made a SoMe post on January 1 about how I rolled into 2020 all merry and cheery, and what my resolutions were. I had given fair warning, asking her to wait for a few more days to do that post. You see, us doggos can sense danger; I could sniff the virus in the air. Look what happened soon after!

While you are at it, read my last O‘paw’nion piece here

So, this year I insisted on seeing through the first three weeks of 2021 before I shared any thoughts. My hooman tells me others have been cautious too, not talking much about their resolutions. But now I feel prepared to share my resolutions for 2021. I will keep it short and crisp so that the lazy lot can get through the post in the next two minutes.

Here goes my top five resolutions for 2021:

Gettin my ‘sunshine vitamin’

1) Get enough Vitamin D, and I try to get my fix early in the morning when it is still pleasant and not too sunny. Mid-day sun is not my thing. By the way hoomans, you should get enough Vitamin C too; every C word is not mean.

Keep walking, keep walking…ignore the fog
and I’ll try to ignore the other dog

2) Find a purpose, which is to help my hoomans stay fit and cross the 4km per walk milestone. I am happy to report that we have successfully walked almost every street in JVC and the new record is 6km.

Awooo…roll in the grass ya all

3) Live the moment, roll in the grass, wag my tail so happily that it hurts and even bark if I feel like it. Look, every moment cannot be happy; there are not-so-good moments too, but I can easily shake it off.

I plan to do pawdcasts on sleep therapy

4) Sleep well, like really well, it has many benefits. I have heard even researchers have taken my cue and they are writing about ways to sleep better. I plan to do a pawdcast series on sleep therapy.

Alwayzz look for the right spot to dig, dig and dig

5) Explore the unknown, especially what lies underneath the grass. I dig, dig and dig non-stop until I have explored enough. Often, I can sniff the goldmine where we are creating a large-enough stockpile to survive a zombie attack.

Your turn now, tell us about your resolutions for 2021. No, vaccination does not count! In any case, vaccination is not even unique in the doggo world – we get vaccinated every year. Mine is due next month, phew!!!

Mr. Popo is the Paw-in-Chief of PawzNRead. He contributes o’paw’nion pieces for the blog.

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