Bring Hulki back home

I'm lost and I want to find my way back home...please help
I’m lost and I want to find my way back home…please help

The day was coming along well. The weather was perfect for the dog to sunbathe and lounge around in the garden. He played with his humans for a while and then had his dinner. His human stepped out for a bit and promised to be back soon. It was pretty much a regular day, except when the human returned home, the dog was gone.

A 2.5-year-old brown and white coat American Bully, Hulki has been missing for a month now. On December 10, Hulki went missing from Barsha South 1, Dubai. There was one human error; a door was possibly left unlocked and Hulki found his way out. Being playful, he was possibly lured by a cat. Then he lost his way…

I want to sleep comfortably again...please help me get back home
I want to sleep comfortably again…please help me get back home

Over the past month, Hulki’s humans have reached out to the relevant authorities and millions of people on social media. They have circulated posters in various residential areas across the UAE. They have looked at every possible CCTV camera footage in Barsha South and much beyond. Gulf News and Lovin Dubai have written about this unfortunate incident. But there is an absolute lack of information.

How can you keep me away from my hoomans?

The dog walked out of his home and got lost, but what might have happened later is worrisome. It is worrying because, with technological advancement, there is a wide CCTV network and a large enough dog-empathetic community that is always willing to help.

Yes, I smile when I see my hoomans…please help me smile again

Over the phone, I heard unbearable sadness when Hulki’s human told me: “I know Hulki is not dead. It worries me sick to think about what he is going through.” They are worried because having rescued Hulki around a year ago, they are aware of the rough past of their timid boy. Hulki was rescued from the streets, his ears were clipped and he was traumatised. Hulki’s humans patiently worked on rebuilding his confidence bit-by-bit. Every little progress from accepting a treat and belly rubs to jumping into the car was a triumph for them. With a lot of love, they restored Hulki’s trust, only to lose him.

But they have not lost hope. They are determined to find him. The pet community in the UAE is determined to find him. We are all determined to bring Hulki home. When we hear about pets being abandoned by people, we feel angry and upset. I am feeling equally agitated and sad thinking that here is a family that has knocked on every possible door to no avail. I have only one question – how can their efforts fail?

Your hoomans haven’t given up Hulki…please know this

In life, I have been in a helpless situation once when I could not bring a loved one back home for many days, but ultimately when he returned home, it was nothing short of a miracle. Shall we do whatever we can for Hulki’s miraculous return?

Whoever is reading this, take a moment to remember the pain you felt when you lost something or someone dear to you. This is what Hulki and his humans are facing today. Reach into your heart, folks – spread the word among friends and family in the Middle East, check your CCTV footage, share relevant contacts of authorities who can help.

For updates on Hulki, follow i_am_hulkii on Instagram. If you have any information, call or text on +971552134690.

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