Foodie is my middle name

Thinking bout the next snack
Thinking bout the next snack

Hey there, I am Myku and hoomans say foodie is my middle name. In my world, the concept of ‘too full’ does not exist. Recently I was invited to a poolside pawrty at Romi’s Home Pet Nursey along with my pack member Ozzy and hoomans. I had overheard that there would be cake so I RSVP’d very promptly. But for a long time after arriving at the pawrty, I could not spot the cake. More hoomans came in and one of them was quite crazy. She was smothering Ozzy and he seemed to enjoy all the attention. For me, there was a mission to accomplish. I had to find that cake.

Another story about Beagle shenanigans

After a long time when I finally found the cake, hoomans urged me not to eat it. My jaws dropped – was this not the reason why I had volunteered to attend the pawrty? I could have well stayed at home and ransacked the kitchen; at least I would have found some cheese or sausage or something else. I always manage to find something to nibble on.

That’s the cake…found it

At the pawrty, they cut the cake but hid it from us. Ozzy gave up without even trying to look for it. But I not only found the cake but repeatedly pawed and opened the lid and ate from the sides. I was expecting a chimken flavoured cake, but it tasted like honey. I did not complain, I gave it a few more shots and nibbled off from the sides.

Power nap before I get back on the job

I am quite tenacious that way; if I begin a food hunt I must get to the bottom of the gastro-affair. Especially at pawrties, where hooman-grade stuff is served, I always self-assign the responsibility to clean up after everyone. After all, perishables must be polished off. I cannot bear to see hoomans wasting food. I take it as my moral responsibility to assist them to finish meals and snacks in between meals. That is why, you will often find Ozzy hanging out with the hoomans, but I am always on the job. Sometimes even in my dreams, I am eating – practice maketh a dog perfect! Now you see why foodie is my middle name. When it comes to food, I follow a strict policy of not wasting any time.

What did I eat that I’m not able to move now???

Myku is a true-blue Beagle boy who loves to eat. The goofy boy has come a long way from going through six foster homes in five months to finding his forever home and humans. He will turn five in February and lives in Dubai with his humans Anuradha and Bishwarup and senior pack member Ozzy. Recently, his pack got stronger with the addition of a senior, rescued Beagle Zoey. Myku had another pack member Chia who crossed the rainbow bridge last year.

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