Can you ever break a dog’s spirit?

I have heard of cruelty on dogs (and other animals). I have heard of dogs being abandoned and other horrific stories. And I have often wondered despite all the pain inflicted can you ever break a dog’s spirit?

I believe that dogs have innate forgiving characteristics and no matter what they have been through, they still have a lot of love to give and courage to heal. Of course, a scarred dog takes time to heal and thankfully there are humans who are willing to walk with them through this journey. Such is the story of Lazy, Prada and their human Puja.

We are Lazy and Prada
Hooman says this is the first time we made it to the kitchen and asked for food…rest is history

Four years ago, Lazy and Prada, both Yorkies, were found in the desert and rescued in hapless condition. Lazy, who was possibly used for breeding, suffered from cancer and was half-blind at that time. Now she is completely blind. Prada was possibly beaten up so bad that her bones have become awkward and she is unable to hold her bladder for long. She also had a bad liver condition. They not only needed treatment but also love and reassurance to feel safe again.

I am quite sassy…thanks for the compliments

“I have spent sleepless nights comforting Lazy who would cry until wee hours in the morning. She had undergone a massive surgery to remove tumours just before I brought her home. Then she had an allergic reaction from the bandages. Prada was debilitated due to constant beating. Possibly debarked, Prada cannot even bark. They needed a lot of care, time, patience and vet visits to recover. Initially I had meant to foster them but after the ordeal that the three of us went through together, I could not let them go. They literally landed in my lap and changed my life,” Puja said.

I’m the lazier one…but hoomans call me Prada

If you are still reading, do not feel bad and read on because today Lazy, 15, and Prada 10, are living their best life. They love their human; they feel safe; and despite facing unthinkable cruelty they have shown immense courage by moving on and have become less anxious. Now, I will go back to my question: Can you ever break a dog’s spirit?

“While their spirit is not broken, you can easily see that Lazy and Prada are severely impacted. Just like it must be very painful for an infant to be taken away from the mother, if dogs are subjected to such cruelty, they are beyond scarred. It takes time for them to heal. Thankfully, they have healed but it has taken a lot for us to get where we are today.”

Our recommendation, please read: Does the length of time matter?

Can you spot the fur-ball here?

Prada is one of the friendliest dogs in Puja’s neighbourhood and greets everyone. Lazy, however, is tentative due to her blindness. She was also been bitten by a rottweiler, so both of them are scared of big dogs. Lazy has also survived Parvo. “They have been through a lot and I would never ever let them feel unsafe again. In many ways, they have rescued me too. It is for them that my house has become home for all of us.”

Every story teaches us something. My learning from this story is, we cannot change our past, but we can always look forward to a better future. We may not be able to forget our sufferings, but we can show courage to heal. This story also taught me that giving a senior and scarred dog the will to be happy again is difficult but a journey worth taking, a purpose worth exploring.

I’ll leave you with a quote: “Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals” – Milan Kundera

Lazy and Prada live with their human Puja in Dubai, UAE.


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