Admissions are always open

Want to join my nursery? Admissions are always open
I’m tackling a serious topic today

Yes, that’s right admissions are always open at my nursery. Why am I suddenly talking about admissions? Because there are talks at home that my hooman sister will now start going to a nursery. She was supposed to join my nursery. It hasn’t happened yet, and my sister will turn three next June. It seems I have to do some convincing now that my nursery is the best. And by the way, it is a screen-free facility.

Admissions are always open, all-year round at my nursery. There is no stress of filling in forms, except the vaccination details. I’ve heard that lil hoomans get vaccinated many times, so my sister should qualify. Oh yes, there is an assessment test but that’s more about how well we play with each other, how we sniff each other respectfully – no poems, no colours, no counting! Our Head Pawfessor, Romi Aunty strongly believes in equal opportunity for every dog – miniature, small, medium, big, giant and I believe hooman-kids too.

Class: How to play nicely (PC: Romi’s Home Pet Nursery)

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Our nursery also has a strict no-exam policy. Thank the lord there is no competition! No matter how many classes we attend or how much we learn, we are never tested on anything except being good bois and gals. My sister is very intelligent, actually beyond clever for her age. She will easily cope at my nursery. She might even be a good influence on some doggos who don’t like to sleep during snooze time. She will be able to sing lullabies to them like she used to sing to me. I told you she is way too smart for her age!

Class: How to snooze comfortably (PC: Romi’s Home Pet Nursery)

It might be nice to add that our school is big on cuddle time and scratchies. We only have to indicate that sweet spot where scratchies seem heavenly. And we regularly get cuddles from our pawfessors. Oh FYI, during lunch time, some of us even get hand-fed by our pawfessors. I’m sure they will be nice to my sister too, who like me is a fussy eater. See, there are so many advantages of going to the same nursery and the fee is not too high. Do I need to add more reasons?

Nothing much, Pawfessor Ronaldo is giving me some scratchies

Yes, I must add one more thing. Hold your breath – our nursery now has a swimming pool. While I am very happy to stay away from it – not a water person, you see – I have heard its great fun to play fetch in the pool. Since my sister loves her inflatable pool, this will be heaven.

Let’s splash n fetch

Okay, enough convincing! Just one last thing I’ve to add. I’m sure in your days, most of you have taken the school bus. I take the school bus too but slightly different from yours. Our Head Pawfessor, Romi Aunty is my chauffeur and her taste in music isn’t half bad. So, what are you waiting for hoomans? Head straight to Romi’s Home Pet Nursery – as I said, admissions are always open.

That’s us

Mr. Popo has nearly convinced us that his 2.5 years old human sister Zulu can join his nursery.😉


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