My name is Draco

I is a desert dog, my name is Draco
I is a desert dog, my name is Draco

My name is Draco, and I am four years old. When I was quite little, I used to be called Charlie. My real mum, two siblings and I were found somewhere by some hoomans. They brought us to a comfortable place, cleaned us and even gave us food. Many hoomans used to come to meet and play with us. Then one day, I met my forever hoomans – my favourite pack – and came to my forever home. They started calling me Draco.

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Chewing is meditating

I gather Draco is a constellation in the northern sky, which can be seen all year from northern latitudes. You must be thinking how does a young doggo know all this? My hoomans explained this to me and I am very intelligent, so I remember. But here’s the thing – I think the real reason my hoomans choose names of stars is that when we cross the rainbow bridge, we become stars and shine brightly in the sky. That’s what happened to my previous pack member Tucana, whose name means a constellation of stars in the southern sky. She became a star even before I could meet her.

Enough of star talks, did I tell you that I have two feline family members too? They are Pinkies, who I like quite a lot, and Pazu – if you want to meet a mafia boss, now you know where to find him. They have been with my hoomans even before me. Sometimes I feel intimidated by them but then I have my hoo-MOM to stick with. She calls me her shadow, and I love her to bits. She makes delicious meals for me – chicken and rice and sometimes wild salmon too. One day she had given me some pasta, but then I farted so bad that the whole house smelt foul. That was the end of pasta for me!

I think I heard chimken

My hoomans also give me chews, which are my favourite. They say I get into a meditative state while chewing – whatever that means. I love to play with them too. To humour them, I keep bringing my toys to them until they pick one and then we start playing. Mind you, I am not a spoilt brat – if a toy accidentally lands under the sofa or bed, I must paw it out on my own – no one helps me. Sometimes I feel as if I am a self-taught genius. Did I say self-taught?

That’s us – Pinkies, Pazu and yours truly

Draco is a German Shepherd-Husky mix rescue, who was adopted by his humans from Sniff. He lives with his humans in Dubai, UAE. We are told he is protective, intelligent and verbalises by barking. We are also told that Draco loves to go for long runs with his human momma and tries to be the leader by pulling the leash at the right tension – reminds me of the movie Togo where a bunch of huskies pulls a sled.

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