A boy called Sage

There is a boy called Sage who lives in Australia. Thanks to Instagram, we came across this pawfluencer’s profile (sage_lhwei) and connected with Sage’s human Dana to know more about him.

Our beautiful friend Sage from Australia
Our beautiful friend Sage from Australia

Now that we are on a mission to speak with dog-people from across the world – basically perfect strangers with only one connection, our DOGS – I am beyond convinced that dogs do have an innate ability to connect strangers, like Dana and me.

Another story from across the world: What ties us is the love for our doggos

During our initial conversation Dana asked me, why do you want to know about Sage? And I said because we genuinely feel that every human-dog story from across the world is tied by a common thread – our bond with our dogs. And I want to reiterate the pawzitivity of that bond and how every dog is an amazing success story – of love. Thus, we got chatting about Dana’s bond with Sage, a five-month old Weimaraner pup who is fondly called the “pandemic puppy” by his humans.

I know I’ve beautiful eyes

I was curious to know why his name is Sage. Is it because he is a wise soul?

“We have named him after the plant sage that is known to have healing properties. Our Sage, quite like the plant, has a healing touch despite his puppy naughtiness. He keeps us sane and constantly reminds us to live the moment. His coat also somewhat matches the grayish leaves of the sage plant.” 😊 Goes without saying that Sage is wise and intelligent too. 

A good run, ear flapping is what I like

He is a perfect country boy who loves to go for his early morning run. Sage is very energetic and loves to play fetch at the local dog park. He is often found running around the bushland area where they live. He sometimes takes a ride on the fire truck too; in fact, during our video chat, they were on the fire truck. Sage’s humans are CFA (Country Fire Authority) volunteers who were on the fire front during the severe Australian bushfire earlier this year.

I’ve an important job

“Actually, bushfires happen in Australia during summer – from December to March. This year’s bushfires were massive. We have three fire trucks in our community to assist during the bushfires and in case of car accidents. We have to check the fire trucks regularly to ensure they are in perfect condition, equipped to handle any emergency, and Sage accompanies us during the test rides.”

We also learnt that Sage is being trained to participate at the Victoria Dog Show. “The Weimaraner breed is known to be quite active, Sage is too. We have started obedience and show training for Sage to keep him positively stimulated. Having said that, the boy equally enjoys being lazy and often found sleeping on my legs.”

Sage lives with his humans at Greendale in Victoria. He is our first friend from Australia.

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