The girl who greets everyone

Henlo paw pals, me iz Zoey
Henlo paw pals, me iz Zoey

Yes, Zoey is the girl who greets everyone, humans and dogs, who pass by her home. She sits by the main door and greets everyone. For almost a year, on our walks with Popo, we met her and often stopped by to exchange greetings from across the gate, but we didn’t even know her name at that time. It didn’t really matter, because dogs have a natural ability to make friends with perfect strangers. And I’ve to admit, I make better friends with dogs than people.

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I’m only waiting to say hii

Recently, we met Zoey’s human Sarah as they were stepping out for a walk and learnt more about this friendly girl. This 1.7 years old Corgi, Zoey, is very social, curious and loving.

Sarah, who grew up with her previous Corgi-mix Rex, feels as if Zoey is Rex-reincarnated. “After being our companion for 13 years, when Rex passed away in 2015, it was heart-breaking for us. We took a while to mourn and heal. Then came a time when I really started missing having a doggo companion that I was so used to. You know, I was missing that warm body around me, often on my feet. And guess what, I eventually found Zoey, who is often found cosily lying down on our feet. There are other behaviours that we have spotted in Zoey that are so much like Rex.”

My most fav place to lie down

Besides being very friendly, Zoey is quite intelligent too. She has come to recognise the shoes that Sarah wears on their walks. The moment Sarah puts on her ‘Zoey-and-me walk’ shoes, the pupper breaks into her happy dance. “She is, indeed, very intelligent and playful too. Talking about play, Zoey loves her squeaky bear toy.”

I like this toy but the bear is my fav

Now here’s the thing paw pals; Zoey is also very pretty; her humans like to keep her properly groomed. Call it inspiration from regularly grooming Zoey, Sarah’s mom is all set to open a pet grooming salon in Jumeirah Village Circle, so that all community doggos can look as gorgeous as our little Zoey. Do check out on Instagram. “My mum is a veterinary doctor and that’s huge support when you have a dog at home. She was keen to start something of her own that would let her be around animals. Her passion led to Mamaspets that will open very soon. And Zoey is our mascot.”

Zoey, the girl who greets everyone, lives with her humans in Dubai, UAE.

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