What ties us is the love for our doggos

“A dog is a bond between strangers” – John Steinbeck

We started PawzNRead to narrate stories of the human-dog bond – a bond that goes beyond a lifetime, beyond borders, beyond cultures and beyond languages. Across the world, what ties us is the love for our doggos; love that is felt equally and similarly by humans and doggos for each other. That’s why despite not speaking the same language, I managed to chat with Roy’s human – we aren’t trying to steal Google Translate’s thunder here though!

Henlo, me is Roy
Henlo, me is Roy (PC: @gohabotanova)

So, who’s Roy? He is our friend from Almaty, Kazakhstan. The boy is seven years old and his bark day falls on October 2. Our dear boy Roy is a German Boxer and is named after the famous boxer Roy Jones Jr. Well, our Roy is quite a famous pawfluencer too – with thousands of Instagram fans.

Me is a model doggo

Roy loves to play with his favourite ball and balloons, his human tells us. I think Roy is the only pooch we have come across after Bella – remember our Frechie mascot (too bad if you don’t; but not to worry, you can read about her here) – who loves balloons. Roy is a big foodie, we are told. He loves to beg for food – there goes another similarity between most dogs across the world! He loves chicken, fish but most of all pies made by his momma. Here’s the deal Roy – if we plan a trip to Almaty, we will come over to your home to have a taste of the pies 😉

Me loves to roll in the grass…and snow (PC: @gohabotanova)

Roy’s human also tells us that the boy loves to roll in the grass – common among all dogs in the world, I think – as much as snow. Talking of snow, last Christmas, Roy had super fun riding down the ice slides. This year, Roy and his humans plan to celebrate a quiet Christmas day at home.

DM me for your next fashion show @gohabotanova

Roy is our first friend from Kazakhstan. He lives with his humans in Almaty.


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