Wonder what’s forever home

“Wonder what’s forever home?” Buddy, our pooch of the day, doesn’t quite understand the concept of forever home. Here’s what he thinks forever home is:

I'm Buddy...will you tell me what's forever home
I’m Buddy…will you tell me what’s forever home

“Hey pawple, I’m Buddy. Hoomans call me a pupper, although I’m quite capable of taking care of myself – when doggos double my size attack me, I choose to simply walk away. But you know, they still find me and attack again; and I keep moving away. I still like them, anyway. I like hoomans too. I’ve a small hooman friend, who is almost my height. I love to play with her; she also brings me food. Often, she tells me, I want to take you home. But I can’t understand what that means – does it mean walk through that gate outside which she feeds me? I wish I knew, then I would have walked right in with her or any other hooman. They seem to be nice, after all.”

Buddy is around nine months old. If you live in the Delhi NCR area and wish to say hello to him, or better still help him understand what’s forever home, Buddy can be found around Block – C,  Sushant Lok 1 in Gurugram, India.

I heard about Buddy from a friend of a friend on Facebook, Tanya who has something to say: “Buddy is the sweetest boy you can ever meet and truly deserves a home. Please give him a chance to find out what’s forever home.”

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