Happy is his second nature

When I needed a hand, I found a paw – Anonymous

My name is Odin
My name is Odin

He is the third sibling to Alanna and her brother, and happy is his second nature – introducing Odin, today’s pooch of honour. Play.Chew.Eat.Repeat are his favourite activities.

His humans rescued Odin from a farm a year ago. “My brother and I instantly fell in love with Odin, who we initially called Thor (as you can see, we have Marvel fans here). Odin was so small that he couldn’t even express hunger. But now, he has a bark for everything – hungry bark, play with me bark and let’s go out bark. He has really taught us to love unconditionally and be responsible too. We always wanted a doggo companion and we couldn’t have been happier about Odin becoming our third sibling and fifth member of our family.”

I love a good snooze

Alanna who is studying also feels that the lockdown and virtual classes helped her to spend enough time with Odin and make him comfortable in his forever home. Together, they have created many rituals – like a bark mimic game with the crocodile toy Roar 😊 and catch the treat game – as if a second of delay will make it disappear.

What’s that? Chimken!!!

“Odin is incredibly high on energy and curious; he loves to explore and learn new things. He can also be moody sometimes and then we have to keep calling him Odin-ball to cheer him up. Equally, he cheers us up with his antiques, cuddles and kisses when we feel low. We have never had a dull moment since Odin arrived.”

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“He also likes to visit his sister Nala sometimes – who has been adopted by a friend of mine.” By the way, there’s a story about Nala and Odin. Initially, they were called Loki and Thor, in that order. But it seems, the boy liked the ring in the name Odin and the sister responded more to Nala.

Are we going for walkies now?

Odin’s fav human is Alanna, but he has a real soft spot for her mom. “That’s because she feeds Odin ‘chimken’ and peanut butter – his absolute favourite foods.” So, now you see why happy is his second nature! On that note, we wish Odin happiest bark day in advance.

December-born Odin will turn one next month and lives in Sharjah, UAE with his humans.

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