The happy-go-Lucky one

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life – Omar Khayyam

These days while walking Mr. Popo, we end up reminiscing about our vacations and the sheer thrill of seeing a new country, a new city, a new village. How enriching it is to meet new people – often we didn’t even speak the same language yet communicated very well. We recount how amazing it is to speak with people about their culture, their interests, their adventures, their food, their way of life. Most endearing of all, for me, are the doggos we have met on our travels. Lucky is one of them, who we met for the first time exactly during this week in 2016 in Cannes.

Meet Lucky from France
Meet Lucky from France

One evening on our way back to the hotel, I was complaining about missing Popo, that France is so dog-friendly and how I wish he could be with us. As we entered the hotel reception, I could almost sniff that all-too-familiar doggo smell, and I was right – perched on the sofa was Lucky. Of course, I couldn’t control my excitement and walked right over to Lucky to exchange pleasantries. I was plastered with licks and this over-30-kg pooch almost knocked me down with equal excitement.

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That evening we made two friends – Lucky and his human Pierre. We learnt that every evening, this duo would be in charge of the reception. We made mental notes on what treats we would bring for Lucky the next evening, and he was absolutely at his wiggly best on getting the treats. And, boy, he wouldn’t stop; the moment he was done with one he would whine for another and this became a 10-minute ritual every evening.

The sleepy -head (PC: whatelse86)

Besides the joy of being around a dog, such encounters also enrich us in many ways. After meeting Lucky, we once again realised that sometimes there might be pre-conceived notions about a certain breed being aggressive – like Pitbull, American Bully – but it may be a generalisation. It may be their protective nature or the fact that they have earned a certain reputation, created by humans and the way they handle these dogs. Lucky, for example – an American Staffordshire Terrier, is one of the gentlest dogs we have seen. All he wanted was to cuddle up; oh yes, he also wanted a lion’s share of the planche that we would snack on while chatting.

Sunbathing…what else!!! (PC: whatelse86)

Since 2016, every time we visited Cannes, we have always made plans with Pierre in advance, so we didn’t miss meeting Lucky and him. I am certain that had it not been for Lucky, we would have lost touch with Pierre by now. When I look back, I still feel happy about that moment when we met Lucky. We feel happy when we hear about Lucky’s ‘tailz’ of how he had to be carried around on a hiking trail, how he loves to sunbathe, how he is tentative around the horses at the ranch….

Lucky lives with his human Pierre in France.

The beautiful furries we met in France

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