Of cucumbers and hairdryers

I'm loving the weather
I’m loving the weather

You heard it right – today’s story is of cucumbers and hairdryers and their significance in Mezu’s life. He loves to eat clean and cucumbers are his favourite snack. He also likes apple, lettuce, carrot (I wish I was like him – but no, I’m finishing the second chocolate bar in a row). Mezu’s hoomans told us that he apparently whines for his share of salad when lunchboxes get prepared in the morning.

Yeah I can jump really high

It was fine until cucumbers because these days, I guess, even our doggos are preferring to eat clean. But in love with the hairdryer? That made me curious! So, Mezu has always been in love with the hairdryer. The moment he hears the white noise, he is sure to land up at his hooman’s feet. “And he sits on my feet instructing me to use the hairdryer on him first,” Melanie says. Those grooming sessions have made a lasting impact on the boy (in a good way, of course).

I love to go on long drives

There is another special thing about this three-year-old boy; his name comprises the first two alphabets of his hoomans’ names – ME (Melanie) ZU (Zubin). While Melanie’s family have been dog-people (yes, in our world such categorisations exist), Zubin is a cat-person. And little Mezu is quite the sprinter but has learnt some feline tricks from his cat cousins.

The boy, a true-blue Yorkie, loves to jump to get his treats and sprints around energetically. “We’ve taught him to paw-five, paw-shake and sit. And he totally loves to play fetch; the moment we say ‘where’s your ball’ – that’s it! Then he doesn’t stop for the next half an hour. He is quite the attention seeker.”

Why only tongue-out Tuesday? Tongue-out everyday!!!

The active Mezu has another side too, he loves to snooze – guess that’s a common canine trait. “You know, during the lockdown, he would almost urge me to lie down with him and take a power snooze.” These days’ with the turn of weather, Mezu loves to sunbathe too, as much as he enjoys long drives.

Although now Mezu is the only companion of his hoomans, Melanie grew up in a household that always had more than two dogs. In fact, Mezu is good friends with Dazzle, his pack member from Melanie’s family home. Talking about Dazzle, she too is quite a personality. Apparently, she had somehow managed to get off the leash and travelled all the way from Karama to the Zabeel royal palace gates (if you live in the UAE, you’ll know what I am talking about and for the uninitiated, it is almost 6.5 kilometres from one point to another).

Mezu lives in the UAE with his hoomans since he was six weeks old, before he could land up in a pet shop.

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