My hoomans call me 4K

I am on a walk now
I am on my walk now…why you clicking?

You got it right; I do like my walkies over most other things – well I like snoozing as much. But that’s no reason to call me ‘4K’ – my hoomans call me 4K, beat that? Not only do they call me 4K but have a fridge magnet with the same message on it, except the picture isn’t mine, I think.

C’mman keep movin

Since my hoomans have made my walkies so legendary, I must tell you that I only enjoy walking under certain conditions. The weather must be cool and not too sunny; the grass must smell great (read foul) – not wet though – so I can sniff out everything. And I decide the way we walk…period (read unruly)! Sometimes I meet the neighbour girl on the other side of the street and then I don’t feel like walking anymore. I like to stand for a bit and exchange pleasantries. Hoomans pull me away after a point – I think that’s quite rude. What if I did the same to them when they chat endlessly with furiends? Well, I only flop down, acting tired and that’s enough to get them going!!

I like the early morning sun…Vitamin D

You know, I also like going to the dogsery (read nursery), where I meet my pawls and my fav pawfessor, Ronaldo. Every time I reach Romi’s and bark, they think I am announcing arrival. But they don’t understand that I am asking them to get out of my way. They are quite like my hoomans who always think that I’m asking them to take me out for walkies; actually, I am trying to get them to become more active. Someone has to be their fitness coach and I do the job for free.

I like the mid-day snooze mosttt

By the way, sometimes I care to pawsdrop (read eavesdrop) and I have heard hoomans saying what if Popo could speak? I do speak but in my own way and through expressions. Its strange that most often they don’t realise that I am asking them to keep quiet. Sometimes, I also ask them to stop clicking photos by walking away when they are just a click away. That’s because I don’t like this thing called social media. I want to be as social as I am comfortable with.

Walk? Did I hear that? Going without me? I’m here…

Oh, there’s something else I wanted to say – every time I poop and try to cover it with sand, hoomans don’t let me. They pick up the poop only to drop it near those big boxes – by the way, I’m always intrigued about what’s inside these; they smell really good (again, read foul). Not only that, they pick it up and if I understand correctly, they speak about consistency. Its embarrassing! I never do the same when they sit on the white pot. Sometimes when I walk around and sniff the white pot, they stop me. I can’t understand why the rules are different. They also complain that I pee everywhere on my walkies, which is incorrect because I only choose prime real estate.

I follow my nose, not my hoomans

Our PawzNRead mascot, Mr. Popo turned eight on November 1 and we had to decipher his musings, as accurately as possible. He is seldom approving of anything, except his walks – like now, he has been giving us the ‘get over with it, let’s go for a walk’ look.


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