Ones who teach us to live the moment

The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment – Robert Falcon Scott

Leo is living it up
Leo is living it up

Our doggos are the ones who teach us to live the moment, seize every moment and make them memorable for a lifetime. Our today’s guest is one such who likes to cuddle up with humans and party with them too. He likes to explore new places as much as he enjoys snoozing at home. Sometimes he likes to chase ducks too… I also thought he responds to conversations on Zoom; I was told he liked my voice – and I happily believed it. His name is Leo.

That’s my fav toy

Leo is my friend Milana and her daughter Stefi’s canine companion. He was adopted in 2018, around Stefi’s 10th birthday. The moment they met each other; Leo knew he was going to his forever home.

In anticipation of finally bringing home a pet, Stefi had read a fair bit about canine health and behaviour. “She oversaw Leo’s feeding, walking and even potty training very responsibly,” Milana said. “And Leo fit right into our hearts and lives.” A smart Gen Z, Stefi has also made some cute videos of her model ‘furiend’.

I can sniff good stuff

The boy, like his humans, is incredibly friendly and sociable. He is often seen enjoying a good party and sniffing some full-bodied wine (we’ve proof)! While his best friend is a Husky, he is also seen racing with doggos of his size.

The breeze on my face

Leo’s humans tell us that he loves to snooze as much as he likes to go on walks. While he isn’t a fan of water, he is brave enough to jump into a fountain and live the moment. He is comfortable going to doggy beaches and he also likes to feel the breeze on his face from a moving car, when the weather is good around here.

“Leo’s always-on mode is comfortably flexible with every adventure and normal that comes his way. He is absolutely a no-fuss kind of a boy. He has hiked with us at the Hatta Dam. He has also been to Ras Al Khaimah with us. At the same time, whenever we have travelled since Leo came home, he has always been perfectly fine staying at home, and our friends have been kind to doggy-sit him. While he likes to explore, I think, his comfortable place is home – just like us.”

Leo is also an absolute foodie. “He loves to eat – his own food, treats and sometimes our food too, although we don’t really encourage it much. But sometimes we fall for that face.”

I looove the skyline

I have to say this, when we first heard that Milana and Stefi were ready to welcome a doggo companion in their lives, we were thrilled. We absolutely love their journey together and know that there are many more adventures to be enjoyed in the days and years to come. There are many more memories to be made. Indeed, ones who teach us to live the moment are our beloved doggos.

Leo is two years old now and lives in Dubai; he is often found staring at the stunning skyline from his balcony.

Leo’s ‘chasing the ducks’ act

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