She is the ‘little loved one’

True love is when you look at your dog looking back at you with warmth, love and happiness – Aiko’s momma

Aiko, the little loved one
Aiko, the little loved one

She is the ‘little loved one’. She is called Aiko. In Japanese, Aiko means the ‘little loved one’. What an apt name for today’s guest – our little Aiko, who is eight months old.

Aiko’s lovely momma told us that she was rescued in Abu Dhabi. “She was abandoned by her mother along with her three brothers. Had they not been rescued just in time; they would have starved themselves to death. At that time, Aiko was only two months old.”

My first day at home

Aiko and so many others like her are quite the fighters. They fight hard to give life a chance. They only need a little love and trust to blossom into the beautiful beings that they are.

Initially Aiko’s humans had applied to adopt her brother Bentley. But some connections are too strong, and some matches are made in heaven. This is one such – Aiko’s humans felt that instant and undeniable connection with her. Aiko had to come home with them. “She was meant to come with us, possibly because she is just as goofy and mad as we are.” 

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I’m the lil princess

“It’s been only a few months that Aiko has been with us, but I don’t know what life would be without her anymore. Every morning, she wakes us up with vigorous tail wags and demands to play. Every night she wishes us goodnight with kisses and cuddles. Don’t know if we could ask for anything better.” 

The wishing goodnight part made me think that I may not be the only person constantly talking to Mr. Popo, my doggo companion. “Haha, I talk to Aiko all the time. My partner says I speak to her way more than I speak to him. I also think that Aiko thinks I’m a bit ‘cray cray’ (crazy for the uninitiated 😉) to be talking to her all the time.”

Now, of course, being the crazy human, I couldn’t resist asking Aiko a few rapid-fire questions.

I know I’m cute

Pawzy: Hey Aiko, what does it take to be a gorgeous pawstar like you?

Aiko: Some things come to me naturally – like being a pawstar. I always up my game when I sniff treats, cuddles and boops (you know, a gentle tap on the nose).

Pawzy: What are your favourite activities?

Aiko: I love to run around; I am a sprinter you see, so I love to chase and be chased. I love wrestling with Kiko. I also love to go on long drives. I like to run around in the sand, but water is not my best friend. 

Pawzy: Talking about friends, besides your one true love Kiko, who are your other friends?

Aiko: You got it right – I absolutely love Kiko! But Lumos was my very first friend, he made me feel safe and comfortable to be with other doggos. Nowadays, I love going to the JLT doggie park to meet and greet everyone. I love making new friends, but Kiko is my best buddy.

I think I heard ‘treato’

Aiko and her humans live in the UAE. She goes by @meet.aiko on Instagram, in case you want to say hello to her.

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  1. […] To those answering in the negative, we understand; neither do we like everyone and their grandmother. My mothership mostly dislikes her kind; the only exception being hoomans with doggos. She loves all doggos though and almost instantly makes friends with them. She is a bit extreme; I know. Now the issue is, I am her exact replica in the doggo world. I do not get along with most doggos but get along well with hoomans. There are only a handful of doggos who I adore – they are my inner circle. Kiko too has his inner circle – sometimes I envy him for having such a cute BFF in Aiko. […]

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