As tough as they come

“Be like a stray dog; alone but not lonely – Anonymous”

He isn’t afraid to nip a snake; he isn’t afraid of the wild animals; he is as tough as they come – he is nature’s selection. He refuses dog biscuits but loves rice and leftover meat/fish. He fights to protect his territory, his face bears the testimony. But he is also incredibly protective towards his little friend Advait and the pet rooster. I’m talking about today’s guest, Brownie – the resilient and beautiful Indie doggo.

Brownie, the brave Indie
Brownie, the brave Indie

Last week while browsing my Facebook feed, I chanced upon a video where this beautiful Indie doggo was stubbornly unwilling to let go of a rope tied to a small boat. Within a few seconds, I realised that our dear friends Vaibhav and Karvi’s little son, Advait was in that boat. While Advait was thoroughly enjoying himself – a city-bred kid from Bangalore, who loves to visit his ancestral home in the village – Brownie was visibly anxious. He simply wouldn’t let Advait go too far. I was curious to know about their friendship.

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Talking to me?

After a chat with Vaibhav, what emerged is not only a story of friendship, but also the tremendous resilience and protective nature of our beautiful Indie doggos. So, Brownie is a typical country doggo; he loves to explore, he is a free spirit in the true sense. While he loves to hang around Advait when they are visiting the country home, he never sets his paws inside the house. Vaibhav says, “Brownie doesn’t like being restrained. But he loves being around us when we are visiting; he doesn’t leave our side. He has his own ways of protecting us. If I wander around our farmland, he walks ahead of me as if to check it’s safe. He is a braveheart; at night he sleeps at our porch and does his unsaid watchdog duties. He fights for his territory and every time we see him; it seems as if there are more scars on his face.”

The same Brownie is much different around Advait and the pet rooster. Brownie used to maintain a safe distance when Advait was a baby so as not to hurt even by chance. Even today, he doesn’t play rough with Advait. When Brownie eats his meals, the pet rooster often tries to sneak a bite or two that irritates the doggo. But he never bites, only chases the rooster away.

Its called stretching, not yoga!

Relating a similar friendship from his childhood, Vaibhav said, “Just like Advait has found a friend in Brownie and loves to visit him every few months, I too had an Indie doggo friend who used to travel almost 10 kilometres between two of our homes looking for us. Back in the days, Indies used to accompany hunters; today there may not be hunters, but these doggos are still as much brave and protective. And the great thing is, whenever there is a litter, the people in the village adopt the puppies. These doggos are decently fed and grow up to be independent, outdoorsy, brave and protective.”

Brownie is indeed as tough as they come. He is stunning and looking at his photos and videos, I feel he is battle-scarred (okay, I may be exaggerating) but has a real soft spot for his humans.

What’s going on? All ok?

Brownie is almost seven years old. He is a true-blue country dog. He lives in a remote village in Mangalore, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka.


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