The lockdown kid Disco

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does” – Christopher Morley

I’m Disco, I’m still quite little

When a little furball all of eight weeks arrives at her forever home amid a 24-hour curfew, what would you call her? I decided to call her ‘the lockdown kid Disco’.

Its our cuddle time

No, she is not a dancing dog, but her human mommy, Hansika, is this wonderful person full of life, easily excitable and could even break into a dance out of joy at the smallest of things. So, if it is to be believed that our beloved doggos reflect our personality, wouldn’t you agree that Disco’s name is totally apt?

Hansika and her twins – Vedant and Vedika – moved to India in January, after living in the UAE for many years. Soon after, the deadly virus rocked the world, and prevented V&V’s dad Mohit from visiting them, who was at that time stuck in Dubai. One month turned into two and then three, and the family remained separated. “It was incredibly hard for the kids and me, as we had moved to a new city and COVID-19 hit. Contrary to my cheery personality, I had started worrying and easily gave in to mind games. Disco literally came and rescued me from that anxious state of mind.”

We’re still sleepy

Disco easily settled in. Quickly she began relating each human with an activity – grandma is the feeder, Vedant is the fun guy, Vedika is for the cuddles. Now, she is also united with her human dad Mohit, who tries hard to do the ‘training’ act. At this point, I’m obviously curious about Hansika’s role?

“I’m her comfort place; when she has to complain about someone, she comes straight to me. I often cradle and talk to her and, believe it or not, she responds.” Well, I can very well relate to this – I’m incessantly conversing with Popo. Well, sometimes he just heaves, shakes himself and walks off – even therapists are time-bound, you see!

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By the way, Disco is quite self-disciplined. The lil girl is a clean eater; she likes to have seasonal fruits, pumpkin, yogurt. Sometimes she can be quite picky too, the mommy says 😊 And sometimes she nips a bit – blame it on teething.

Yeah, I looove to pose

“You know before Disco came to us, I would be okay hearing about friends’ dogs, but I could never relate to the beautiful human-dog bond they spoke about. Disco has changed us beyond measure – this little being has taught us what unconditional love means. She has opened a certain part of my kids’ hearts that I had never seen before. She has also taught us to be responsible. When she came to us amid the lockdown, she was only a few weeks old, but she trusted us with all her heart. And we did our best to give our all. Now, when I spot her sleeping peacefully, it’s so emotionally overwhelming.”

The lockdown kid Disco is easily the best thing that happened to Hansika and her family in 2020, a year that otherwise most of us wouldn’t mind skipping altogether. “Despite several big changes in our lives, 2020 has been good for us. I’m back to my optimistic, happy self now – all because of Disco.”

Disco is three months old now and lives in the Bengaluru, India with her humans. She has slowly started venturing out. She watches kids and kittens from a distance and goes on short drives too. 


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