If you think a dog can’t count, think again

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them” – Phil Pastoret

My name is Amy

If you haven’t met a dog who can count – treats of course – prays at the dinner table and paws the bell to go out for business, here’s your chance to meet Amy, the labradoodle from South Africa. She is Sebastian’s new pack member.

If you haven’t read about Sebastian, check out his ‘tailz’ here: What’s in a name?

This is us – Sebastian & Me

Now let’s head straight to what Amy’s gotta say. Her mommy Janet was given strict instructions to convey her message clearly.


Hello hoomans – my name is Dr Amy Farrah Fowler; remember the clever neuroscientist from the TV series ‘Big Bang Theory’? I got jealous when my big brother Sebastian got featured on Mr. Popo’s ’s blog, so I wanted to tell my story too.

I don’t have to work hard to look cute

My name means “Beloved” and THAT, I certainly am. I am only three and a half months old, but I am a very very clever girl (even if I have to say so myself). I have graduated from puppy school within six weeks. I can’t seem to understand why my hooman brothers have go to school for so many years. I can already do a lot of commands like sit, stay and high-five – like many other doggos. But here’s the thing – when my hooman brother Jan-Carel wants to have some fun, he makes a fist pistol and says “PEW,” and then I fall down and play dead. He also makes me pray for my dinner where I need to put my head between my paws. I’m totally fine doing these tricks for extra treats and here’s the bonus – it makes everyone laugh.

I love puzzles too. My mommy hides my treats under tennis balls, which she puts in a muffin tin and then I need to find them. I loooovveeee it! And I can count the treats and finish off everything. I also love playing fetch with tennis balls, especially the one with a squeaky in it.

So many balls!

I like to sleep with my hoomans in their bed. Well, to be honest, I start in my bed every night, but I very quickly figured out that Daddy will pick me up in his sleep if I do the right act. Then I snuggle around his neck with my nose and lick him gently to say thank you. I have also figured out that there is a bell that rings early in the morning, sometimes it is still dark. Then I start biting Daddy and pulling Mommy’s hair to wake them up to help me get rid of the sound of that bell.

Speaking of bells, my hoomans are very clever too. They have put a bell at the door, so if I want to go out, I hit it with my paw and then one of the hoomans comes running. Then I can go out for my business.

My hoomans also take me on walkies. We have a Bark Park near our house, where I can run around as much as I want and play with my friends. I especially like Jesse, the Irish Setter, and Hunter the Golden Retriever.

PS: I AM very clever

Amy lives in Johannesburg with his hoomans and pack member Sebastian. She is growing up real fast and often tires out the gentle giant Sebastian with all that play.

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