Have you heard of dog angels?

The presence of my dog gave me just enough courage to stay present in the fire of my grief – Dog Angels, Mirabai Starr

My name means beautiful

Have you heard of dog angels? Have you felt rescued by one dog from the grief of losing another? Have you felt as if your dog has brought a miracle in your life? If you have, you are a believer in a dog’s mystical nature – just like me.

My hoomans call me the miracle doggo

For those who want some proof, today I will tell you a story. It is about a dog, who was found wandering aimlessly some 8.5 years ago. She was a lost soul, too afraid to even whine; she was horribly underweight and ridden with ear mites. After rescuing her from the street, the veterinary hospital checked for her microchip, which was missing. There was no way of knowing where she came from.

The universe had other plans for her, as she found her future human, Indrani, who was at that time trying to come to terms with the possibility of losing not one but three of her furry companions. All three of them – Budhu, Kit, Miz – were rescued and raised with love. They were geriatric – all three aged between 12-and-15 at that time – and each had a debilitating health condition.

“I had actually gone to the vet to collect insulin for Kit, who was diabetic and blind, where I found this really famished and abandoned German Shepherd. The initial plan was to foster her until she regained some strength and then look for a good home for her.”

That was not meant to happen! Indrani decided to call her fourth rescue Sundari (which means beautiful in Bengali), who is impossibly gentle and incredibly calm and came with a bigger purpose. Within a month of Sundari coming home, Indrani got pregnant with her miracle baby Krishna, who is almost 10 years apart in age from his elder sister RJ (Rumjhum). But, within the next three months, Indrani lost Budhu, Kit and Miz – one by one.

I love to cuddle up with Krishna

“It was probably one of the roughest three months of my life. Kit suffered from multiple organ failure and went away in my arms. Miz suffered from brain strokes that claimed her life. Budhu – a Great Dane and Shepherd mix – already had displaced hind legs and was paralysed. The doctor told us that at his age, he would not be able to get up on his own anymore, so we were faced with one of hardest decisions to euthanise him. But through it all, Sundari stood by and rescued us. It was as if my dogs and the universe knew we will need help and they sent Sundari our way.”

So, now do you believe in the mystic power of dogs? Now if anyone asks you – have you heard of dog angels – will you say yes?

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That’s Toby, my newest pack member

Eventually, the family grew bigger in size as Toby – their newest rescue – joined them a couple of years ago. Life was going on at its own pace until this year brought a few more jolts. Indrani and her family were all set to pack up and leave Dubai and her only worry was Sundari’s air travel. “She still gets afraid of loud noise, I couldn’t even fathom how she would get through those few hours on the plane. I reached out to the universe in all earnest to manifest its magical powers.”

We love our our big sis RJ

And guys, magic happened – in short, Indrani and her family, after all, may not have to leave Dubai. Sundari will still walk around the lake and enjoy the winter sun in their yard, with Toby and Krishna in tow and RJ overseeing them all the while. “I firmly believe that whatever good happens to us is because all our furry companions who grew wings are acting as guardian angels.”

Indrani lives in Dubai with her human and furry family. She has been rescuing the four-legged ever since she can remember.

Is Christmas in the air?


    • Miracles have to be believed, especially if its related to our beloved doggos 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of love, faith and lifelong memories.


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