What’s in a name?

You may ask, what’s in a name?

I’m gonna say, a lot!

B’coz, often there’s a story behind a name – unless it’s a name like Mr. Popo, which just happened to occur to Sid, and we scarred our kid for life!!!

Well, today’s story is about Sebastian, the Saint Bernard from sunny South Africa. Now, our dear Sebastian is named after the great music composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. The boy wears the name proudly. However, it is not because he has a penchant for classical music but for the fact it is inspired by his silver screen hero – Beethoven … for the uninitiated, you should really catch the movie.

Sebastian also means ‘revered’, and this doggo lives up to that meaning too. His gentle nature and big-heartedness are worth reverence. Here’s his story as narrated by his beloved mommy.

Sebastian and Amy
Oh my DOG, who’s this new pack member?

Helloo there,

My name is Sebastian. My hoomans – Carel and Janet – are Afrikaans, so soon they started calling me Basjan. My hooman siblings are called Jan-Carel and Gustav. And my doggo pawtner is Amy. I had a Basset buddy too, who was called Angelica. You’ve guessed it right; we all have beautiful names; credit goes to our pawrents, who are expert at naming us kids.

Sebastian and Angelica
My buddy Angelica grew wings

My heart was very very sore in March, when my lifelong buddy Angelica grew wings. Sometimes I didn’t even feel like getting up. My hoomans started staying at home to comfort me and I became my mommy’s shadow. Soon I started hearing new words – like PAWVID and pawkdown. Anyway, I was too sad to even pay much attention.

But, you know, in July my mommy did something strange. She suddenly left for a day, and I was so sad. Earlier my mommy used to travel a lot. Sometimes Angelica and I would wonder if we could just get into her suitcase. But the suitcase was too small. Thankfully, mommy returned the next day, but with a white ball of fur! My paws dropped – literally.

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Hoomans sat me down and told me that she is a Labradoodle and started calling her Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler – I wondered why such an elaborate name. They explained to me that she is named after the clever neuroscientist from the TV series ‘Big Bang Theory’. Eventually, their enthusiasm wore off and now, they call her only Amy. I didn’t like her in the beginning, and I bit her bum, I’ve to admit. Now we are good buddies, but boy she can play a lot! I often get tired, then my hoomans take her away so I can rest.

Sebastian with Amy
Why is she so small?

Amy might be able to play more than me, but in training the hoomans, I’m the champion. I’ve trained my mommy really well. When we go for walkies, I look up at her when I see cyclists and runners and mommy then gives me treats. That’s called great training! I really enjoy my walkies, but mommy has been making my walkies shorter for my arteritis joints. My favourite snack is scones and muffins. Sometimes mommy forgets to give them to me; then I need to call her by barking in her face and look ridiculously cute, and she gives it to me. Daddy and my hooman brothers don’t want to give as many snackies to me as mommy does.

Oh, did I tell you, my hoomans have some ducks and bunnies too, but I am really scared of them, especially the white one called Nick. He is the evil one – totally lives up to his name – he bites me, and he bites sore.

The gentle one

Sebastian is six years old and lives on a big farm with his human and animal pack. During their barbecue get-togethers, Sebastian makes it a point to sit next to his grandparents who sneakily offer him meat and cheese 😊


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