Yeah, I chose my hoomans

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen”– Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red

What ya lookin at?

That’s true, we do speak. How many times do we have to bark to make hoomans believe it? Yet, some hoomans think we are barking for no reason when the doorbell rings. But my hoomans know how to listen; they understand what I say – well mostly they do!

I’m quite the looker

I’ve heard my hoomans say to everyone and their dogs that “Troy chose us.” That’s absolutely true – yeah, I chose my hoomans. At one sniff, I realised they are pawrty people and I love a good pawrty – after all, I’m a December born. That was the beginning of our journey, I instantly pawed my way into their hearts, and they followed my cue. I’m also quite the looker, so my hoomans were easily charmed.

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The first day I came home, I sniffed my way to our apartment. The hoomans were so impressed, I tell ya. They kept repeating, “See, Troy chose us; he even made his way to our home.” At that time, I couldn’t understand what’s Troy. Later I realised that I’m supposed to respond when they say ‘Troy’.

Let’s get the pawrty started

I felt quite comfortable at home. The bed is biiig and I could snuggle up comfortably. It wasn’t too cold, like my earlier place. Soon enough, my hoomans started leaving me at home to chill. I think they went out for long walks to bring food for all of us, as there would always be a pawrty at home. I’m always at the centre of the dance floor during these pawrties. But wherever I am, I always keep an eye on the hoomans, so they don’t get too carried away. You see hoomans have this problem of overdoing it. They aren’t as disciplined as I am.

Yeah, I’m a charmer

Anyway, time passed by and I settled down nicely. Then some more hoomans came to stay with us. One hooman, I think my grandma, was especially nice. I learnt quickly that she wants me to sit under the table close to her so she could easily share bread, butter, cheese and eggs with me. But I’m conscious about my weight; being a charmer isn’t easy, after all. Hoomans often think I’m fat. They are totally mistaken. If anything, I’m muscular – which makes most doggos go green with envy. My physique totally complements my good nature that often becomes a lethal combo for all those young ladies – there’s a dalmatian, a golden retriever – you name it and I’ve charmed them all.

Oh, as if this is not enough said, now my hooman insists on adding his thoughts too. I’ve asked him to keep it short.

I like to chill

Nine years ago, Troy literally pawed his way into our hearts and home. He was destined to come to us, and I genuinely believe that he chose us. He is a total party animal, like us, but can as easily do a role reversal to an army boarding school kid – disciplined about everything from self-controlled eating to doing his business at the right place. Only cheese can really drive him nuts 😊 And, indeed, he is quite the charmer – a lady’s man, I’d say!

Troy lives in Dubai with his hoomans Joshua and Tanya. He loves catching up with Amit, who was part of the pack that brought him home nine years ago.

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