Lockdown ‘paw’nderings

‘Now’ is always the right time for a treat – Blessings from Zephyr, JP Sears

‘paw’nder time
Is that a challenge??

Tyson totally agrees with this. He’s always up for a treat, anytime! During the C-19 lockdown, he was quite happy that his humans were mostly at home, giving him more opportunity to beg for a treat or at least vacuum up whatever fell on the floor. But we’re told that Tyson and his feline companions – Chloe and Max – were quite surprised about why the hoomans were always at home?

Here are Tyson’s lockdown ‘paw’nderings.

What are the hoomans saying…

The hoomans were always hanging around at home for a while. They keep repeating the words lockdown and ‘pawrantine’. I don’t know what they mean. But I think it meant checking on us always. They simply followed us around from room to room. I was cool with that, until my hooman insisted on playing fetch with me every evening. One day I overheard her telling someone – “Now I play fetch with Tyson every day.” I’ve no problems with that; it’s a lot of fun. But I kept thinking that fetch would come with treats, the sign of which I didn’t see!

On the contrary, they gave my treats to Chloe. It was beyond absurd. Have you ever heard of a cat eating dried chicken breast? What’s happening in this world? Although worrying isn’t my strong point, I would sometimes worry that the hoomans were losing it due to this lockdown thing.

Chloe!!! I must tread carefully, stealthy but confident!!

On top of that, even after reluctantly sharing my treats, Chloe gave me the ‘stay away’ looks. Hoomans have totally spoilt her, and then they say – “Oh! Cats are misunderstood.” And guess what? They also thought that Chloe woke up early in the morning, before Max and me, because she wanted to spend alone time with them. C’mon, she woke up to snack before napping again.

My buddy Max!

Max is cool though, he’s my buddy. Lockdown didn’t change our routine much. We slept in till late, woke up for a small snack and snoozed again on the sofa. The only difference is Max only likes to have a couple of meals in a day. Whereas, my body had adjusted quite well to constant snacking. Thank DOG for lockdown, which made the hoomans more generous – they didn’t mind giving me some snacks from time-to-time.

During the lockdown, I would also hang around quite a bit in the kitchen with the hoomans. They had entrusted me with the duty to pick up whatever fell on the floor. Kid you not, objective picking is a difficult job. Most of the times, it was good stuff, but sometimes I ended up picking up some wrong stuff too. Even after being on my best behaviour, these hoomans still said, “Tyson doesn’t spare a moment before picking up stuff from the floor” – but that’s what I had been asked to do! This lockdown thing really drove them nuts, I think.

Even though we liked it, we still couldn’t understand why the hoomans were always at home. Anyway, we eventually learnt to adjust with the lack of privacy – even Chloe would hang out with my hooman siblings. This lockdown and pawrantine really changed everyone.

Hoomans at home is not that bad

Tyson is six years old and his hooman Vijita says he’s “a typical high-energy, extremely friendly and perpetually hungry Frenchie.” His feline companions Chloe and Max are often not able to match up to his energy, and prefer to let him be 😊

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