Little doggo, big Pawfluencer

Smaller the dog, bigger the personality – Pedro, with an Instagram account that can put mine to shame, tells us how…

NYC Pawfluencer on a meet-and-greet outing

I often call the French bulldogs the ‘take me anywhere’ kind – the happy lot. I’ve yet to meet a Frenchie who has learnt the pause mode or one who doesn’t take full advantage of that beautiful face while begging for a tiny piece of my food.

So, here’s introducing Pedro who’s totally living it up in New York. But before he tells us about his rocking NY life, a few words on how we met him in Dubai. We met Pedro and his humans – Jeremy and Sophie – at our fur-kids’ Bella and Zorro’s, woof-day party. Unsurprisingly, if anyone could compete with Bella – another Frenchie – on energy, its Pedro – period! A true-blue Frenchie, Pedro has the same twinkle in his eyes and the swiftest gait, totally acing the running act with the short legs. He was only a few months old when we met him.

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Fast forward to 2020, here’s what Pedro has to say about his life in NY.

I am a DXB boy in New York

I’m still getting used to the sounds: When I arrived in my new home after that long flight, I really loved the smell of everything. But loud noises disturbed my sleep. Humans call them siren. Now, I just ignore, except when I can hear my friends playing downstairs, I can’t control my excitement.

I’ve made new friends: You know, hoomans are quite friendly here. They constantly compliment me and give me a good belly rub. And the dogs are even sassier, they often ping me on Instagram to set up play dates. These days I’m popularly known as the ‘chill out’ mascot of the neighbourhood. I’ve actually overheard my pawrents brag about it. Humans can be embarrassing!

I know what snow is: For the first time in my life, I felt powdery white flakes fall on me. I even tasted to understand what it was. My hoomans were more excited than me; they made me wear clog-like stuff – they called it booties. I wish they could rather explain what happened to the soft stuff – read sand – that I pawed around all the time and it wasn’t cold. But, boy I loved the cold flakes and soon understood that it is called snow. And guess what, I saw snow out of my window on Christmas – yeah, now I also know what X-mas means. I get many gifts and good food.

‘Chill out’ mascot of the neighbourhood

I love it: When my hoomans carry me around in the backpack, when they go out for long walks. I’ve made them believe that my short legs can’t take walks longer than 15 minutes – see I’m quite smart! Well, I’ve felt slightly betrayed when they complained about my weight, but you know my nature is such that I don’t remember things for too long.

I still love to sleep: Sleeping is still my most favourite activity. I can easily sleep for 16 hours in a day. In life, it’s important to prioritise!

If I could speak: I would tell my pawrents to stop assuming that I look for another four-legged only to spend my time with. Actually, I desperately need someone to re-enact some favourite scenes from ‘The Secret Life of Pets’. If you don’t know what that is, go watch the movies – what are you waiting for?

Pedro is three years old now and lives with his doting humans Jeremy and Sophie Waller. Together, they are beautifully adjusting to the new ways of life in a new country. They are totally in love with the doggy community there.


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