Love is blind too…

“Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain

The beautiful flower!

Quite like Rose, who saw and felt with all her heart. Quite the survivor, she loved with all her heart – compensating with feelings, as she couldn’t see. Albeit, she was a little protective of her food, which I didn’t quite figure out initially. How could I? After all, I can see and I don’t know how it must feel to bang against the edges, even if I instinctively know a place…

It was Rose’s second birthday on August 14, and I had to write about our experience with her. Last year we celebrated her big day with a cake, some squeaky toys and a couple of cool bandanas. She obviously loved the squeaky toys the most and the cake too.

Rose was a Petsville resident then and we wanted our Popo to be part of her birthday – not that they care about birthdays. Ildiko – who was Rose’s caregiver at that time and whom she trusted and loved dearly – told us that Rose is a little protective about her food. We thought Popo doesn’t even like cake, so it would be all good. But Rose snapped at Popo, and I instinctively backed out. I felt sad that she snapped at Popo, but only until Sid suddenly covered my eyes and asked how that felt. And he said, “Rup, she can’t speak, nor see, yet she trusts – isn’t that enough?”

Birthday treat

Indeed, that’s enough; Rose trusted Ildiko with all her heart, and as she got to know us, she also began trusting Sid. Every time we took her for her doctor appointments, she would literally hang around Sid…But when Rose was rescued from a construction site, she was not as trusting. It took her some time to heal, with a lot of love showered on her by Ildiko, and she loved back with all her heart. Don’t they say love is blind too…?

Since Rose was under one year old when we first met her, we were very hopeful that treatment could restore her vision, even partially. But that wasn’t meant to happen; even as the first doctor gave us hope, the second one – an eye specialist – told us that most likely Rose was born with an irreversible eye disorder. It probably wasn’t caused by an injury or a trauma. As we were walking out of the chamber that day, we were sad and disheartened. But Rose wasn’t, she actually cocked up her ears on hearing the squeaky toys and smelt some treats that Sid was holding for her. She wasn’t bothered that she couldn’t see – she had made peace with it.

As Rose became more and more confident and social under Ildiko’s care, a rescue organisation referred a forever home for her. Soon enough, Rose will spread her love far and wide. She came into our lives for only a brief period, but taught us that it is possible to love without seeing; without judging. It is possible, because love is blind too…

Wherever you are Rosie, we think of you fondly. We know that you are clowning around – sometimes even banging against something, but getting up confidently to explore some more…


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