Life’s much better with goofballs

“For the best seat in the house, you’ll have to move the dogs” – Anonymous

The Goofy Duo

Bella, the mini

Crazy happy, happily crazy

“So, you’re telling me that the ball never left your hand?”

Hey there, I’m Bella and I can easily put an energy drink to shame!

My hoomans call me: Baloo, Balzoo, Maa…and BELLAA (when I drive them crazy)

When no one’s looking: I lick off my brother’s food. What? I’m just conscious about food wastage (sometimes I wish he leaves a tad bit more for me to polish off).

Pack welcome

I like: To steal my hooman sister’s toys. I’ve many toys of my own, but curiosity is my second nature.

I keep barking at the ball under the sofa: Because patience always pays off; I know the hoomans will ultimately find that ball for me (see, I’m quite intelligent)!

I love: Bursting balloons, yeah, I do!

The one who loves bursting balloons

My philosophy: Size doesn’t matter; I can even take on a Pitbull (and I’ve got proof).

Zorro, the maxi

Poster boy

“Don’t be deceived by my size; I won’t bite, but I can’t speak for my hoomans!  

Hello, I’m Zorro and I could easily win a pawgeant.

If I could speak: I’d tell the hoomans to not ogle at me – you see, some of us are born gorgeous.

I’ve been featured: In a Mercedes-Benz ad (I don’t know what’s that, but they gave me a toy) and on the National Geographic channel.

I love to watch: A good football match and root for my hoomans’ opponent team.

The keen observer
A sniffy welcome

I love: A good scratch, but if you stop, I make it a point to paw at you till your hand aches.

I enjoy: When my lil hooman sister leans on me as if I’m her cushion.

What drives me crazy: Sound of that chicken food pack when my hoomans prepare my meals…every second of wait drives me crazy.

Four is a crowd
Five is a RIOT
Sharing toys, growing love

Cindy and Shanon’s ride as pawrents began with Tiger, Lucky, Snowy, Tuffy and Zoey. Then came Bella and Zorro. Now the pack has grown with hooman Baby Samara. They make every day beautiful for each other.


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