A little courage goes a long way

“Every once in a while, a dog enters your life and changes everything” – Anonymous

Pure courage

A brother-sister duo was rescued from a construction site in Abu Dhabi. Others in the litter probably didn’t survive. They were rescued and the sister was tested Parvo-positive. The brother fought against the deadly Parvovirus and was tested negative. He needed a stable foster/forever home with humans who would care unconditionally.

That’s when little Alfred found his humans – Gayathri and Prameed. It wasn’t an easy decision to adopt a weak puppy who was rescued along with another who was still fighting to survive. But like they say – what’s meant to happen will happen. Both his humans and Alfred were brave to accept each other and blossom into a beautiful family. A little courage goes a long way!

That, my friends, was just the beginning of what would be months of ordeal, of being really brave and fight against all odds, as Alfred had to undergo four surgeries – stomach and knee – within less than six months.

“Every time, we left him at the hospital after a surgery, a part of Alfred’s confidence would chip off. It was very hard for us to go through that.” But none of them was giving up. “It was heart-breaking to see him hobble around the house, as his knee kept slipping out of the cap. It was really hard to see him in so much pain, as we tried to put his knee back into the cap, which too became difficult after a point.”

The humans did everything possible to nurse Alfred back to health – that’s all that mattered to them. They ran from pillar to post to find the right doctor for the final successful surgery. At a time when Alfred had to be restricted to a playpen, they always stayed close to him so he could be comfortable. They dismantled their bed, so he wouldn’t try to jump. They were exhausted seeing Alfred in pain and were themselves physically worn, but giving up wasn’t an option at all.

Safe in his mom’s arms

Soon enough, Alfred started getting better; his knee healed completely after the final surgery. He once again became that energetic fella we were used to greeting near the elevator. He was back to his normal self – the little pup who would respond to our voices at the corridor with a loud bark from behind the door. Alfred also began socialising – he started going to Romi’s Home Pet Nursery – and became confident day by day.

Alfred and his humans make us believe that a little courage does go a long way! As first-time dog-parents, they were courageous about bringing home a pup who needed round-the-clock attention and Alfred was brave and trusting from the moment he sat in that red car with his humans.

Fav toy

Heartbreaks are always hard and Alfred and his humans have shown extreme courage in the face of every hardship.

“Alfred has taught us that in life some decisions can go wrong. But we’ve to pick ourselves up and move on. He has taught us that no matter what, we have to give ‘tomorrow’ a chance.”

Alfred is a beautiful, confident little boy now who loves to sleep, eats some cheese and ice-cream every now and then. He is still most confident around and protective about his humans, but loves to play with the pack at the daycare.

“You know, Alfred is a bit wary of anyone who doesn’t smell like a dog-person,” his human says. Well what can I say – I’m myself wary of anyone who doesn’t seem to be a dog-person, quite like Alfred 😊

Alfred’s humans are absolutely smitten in love with him and live each day for each other.

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